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Better RX: A Top-Performing Team in the Technology and Healthcare Sector

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As a small yet established organization operating in the tech sector since 2014, Better RX specialize in serving the healthcare industry by partnering with pharmacies and hospices.

Their team comprises 23 highly skilled and dedicated individuals who strive to uphold and enhance their company values. They have indeed built a one-of-a-kind company culture that they are all about and proud of.

Better RX employees are A-players that aim to give their 100% everyday and aim at fostering a harmonious and productive working environment, where each team member is fully committed to the company mission. They enjoy working with one another and work collaboratively without any unnecessary conflicts.

Navigating the Challenges of Coordinating Retreat Logistics for a Growing Team  

As Better RX expands, organizing retreats becomes more challenging. For instance, they had their sights set on a particular resort, but after multiple attempts to contact them, they received no response. This is why they were thrilled to discover that this very resort was one that TeamOut had worked with before. Being one of our partners,

“TeamOut managed to provide us with a quote within 48 hours of our request and we were able to book shortly after.”

They had some specific needs for their retreat and the TeamOut team coordinated and facilitated those requests with the resort.

“Communication with TeamOut was a breeze, they were responsive and easy to work with.”

Being Better RX a fully remote team, means they don't get to see each other in person very often. Retreats provide them with a chance to build personal connections and foster teamwork, benefitting the company as a whole. It is a valuable opportunity for them to collaborate and bond as a team, something that can be harder to achieve in a virtual environment.

Stress-Free Logistics

TeamOut proved to be an invaluable tool during the planning of Better RX team retreat.

“Its ease of use and ability to take care of tasks without the need for constant follow-up allowed me to focus on creating an epic experience for my team with minimal effort on my part.”

TeamOut allowed the team to save a significant amount of time,

“Approximately 40+ hours over the 4 months of planning, thanks to TeamOut.” 

Better RX affirms that TeamOut's handling of the important details eliminated any stress they might have experienced during the planning process. 

“I wasn’t stressed out at all with this retreat”

This way, the team could fully enjoy the planning process and have a good time during the retreat. 

Exploring the Natural Beauty at Sundance Mountain Resort

The initial stage of the planning process entails selecting a suitable venue that aligns with the team's preferences. In this case, the team desired to be surrounded by nature and in a unique location that offered ample outdoor space. With the assistance of TeamOut trip designer, they were able to narrow down their options and ultimately choose The Sundance Mountain Resort, a venue known for its natural beauty and that exudes laid-back atmosphere.

It is a ski and winter sports destination located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, USA. The resort encompasses over 600 skiable acres and offers a variety of activities for visitors, including skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and tubing. In addition to the winter sports, Sundance also offers hiking, biking, and fly fishing during the summer months. The resort features a variety of lodging options, including ski-in/ski-out accommodations, as well as dining and shopping options. Visitors can also enjoy the art galleries and live music performances on the property.

The Itinerary

The trip balanced workshops in the morning and exciting activities in the afternoon to achieve both fun and learning while avoiding an overwhelmed agenda. The goal was to provide a relaxing and re-energizing experience.

This is a short summary of the retreat's schedule of events.

Revitalizing Productivity: The Power of In-Person Team Retreats 

Pre- and post-retreat, the team observed that there was an increase in productivity and engagement.

Seeing everyone in person and connecting is good for the soul and that spills out into our daily interactions and tasks.”

Spending three days surrounded by the team and the people revives the spark of productivity and is beneficial for the soul. 

The overall impression of working with TeamOut is “a 5 star impression”!

“The team at TeamOut was found to be kind, professional, efficient, and timely”
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Assia Dalla Vedova, a marketing maven with a rich background in tech, showcased her prowess at TeamOut (YC W22), enhancing brand presence and SEO strategy. An ESCP Business School alumna, she excels in crafting impactful digital marketing campaigns and fostering brand growth.

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