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Top Retreats

Chaminade Resort & Spa

Santa Cruz, California, United States
156 rooms
San Jose Intl - SJC (42 min)

Collective Governors Island

New York, New York, United States
32 rooms
LaGuardia Airport (35 min)

Moofy's Farmhouse

Royal Oak, Maryland, United States
42 rooms
Washington - BWI (88 min)

Andaz Mayakoba

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
214 Rooms
Cancun Intl - CUN (35 min)
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Beach Retreats

Viceroy Los Cabos

San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico
186 rooms
Los Cabos Intl - SJD (31 min)

Hawks Cay Resort

Marathon, Florida, United States
250 rooms
Key West Intl - EYW (80 min)

The Goodtime Hotel

Miami Beach, Florida, United States
266 rooms
Miami Intl - MIA (26 min)

Grande Colonial

San Diego, California, United States
97 rooms
San Diego Intl - SAN (19 min)
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Mountain Retreats

Sage Lodge

(Yellowstone) Pray, Montana, United States
50 rooms
Bozeman - BZN (57min)

Lucky Arrow Retreat

Dripping Springs, Texas, United States
40 rooms
Austin - AUS (53 min)

Under Canvas Grand Canyon

Williams, Arizona, United States
90 rooms
Phoenix - PHX (189 min)

Skamania Lodge

Stevenson, Washington, United States
263 rooms
Portland Intl - PDX (50 min)
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Urban Retreats


San Francisco, California, United States
252 rooms
San Francisco - SFO ( 25 min)

1 Hotel Central Park

New York, New York, United States
235 rooms
La Guardia - LGA (28 min)

The Line Austin

Austin, Texas, United States
303 rooms
Austin Bergstrom Intl - AUS (25 min)

Carpenter Hotel

Austin, Texas, United States
93 rooms
Austin Bergstrom Intl - AUS (27 min)
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Self-Service or Full Concierge

Choose your level of involvement: let TeamOut's concierge service manage everything from property recommendations to quote negotiations and event planning, or independently explore and quickly gather quotes. Plan your event, your way with TeamOut.

Customized Venue Selection

Discover ideal locations quickly with our tailored venue recommendations.

Budget Guidance

Our team provides essential tools and expert recommendations to keep your event within budget.

Retreat Planning

Our retreat planners handle all aspects, from vendor coordination to client liaisons, ensuring a seamless experience.

Venue Search 

Use our explore tool to browse through thousands of properties, build a wishlist, and quickly send it to someone else for approval.

24h Quote

Request quotes directly on the platform and receive responses within 24 hours.

Exclusive Deals

Browse the platform to access exclusive deals and pre-negotiated rates.

Case studies

As corporate retreat specialists, TeamOut is dedicated to helping companies enhance team building and productivity with unique and exciting retreat experiences.

Dynatron Software: an auto software company taking on a a journey in the Birthplace of Jazz

150 employees
New Orleans, USA

Women Deliver : A time sensitive retreat for an Unwavering company advocating for Girls and Women

26 employees
Catskills, NY
Small Budget

Akoya's Memorable Florida Retreat with TeamOut

170 employees
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Publica, How to maintain a good company culture during rapid growth

25 employees
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Optimizedcost savings

Benefit from our pre-negotiated rates, affordable venues, and negotiation expertise to secure up to 30% savings.

The world's best retreat venues

Select homes, ranches, resorts, or boutique hotels close to airports.

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What clients say about us

With more than 450 events organized in less than 2 years, our satisfaction rate is above 95% .

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The service was FANTASTIC - allowing us to understand pros/cons of different locations, venues

Annu Kristipati - 4 miles

“By working with TeamOut you know you will provide an unforgettable experience to your team on every level. Every detail has been thought through and verified to provide the best Team Retreat experience possible to every employee.”

Benjaming Antier - Publica

"The customer experience was our favorite part of using TeamOut ! Everything from the sales rep to the team on the day of the events is great. The partnerships that they already have setup with local vendors make everything so much easier for someone wanting to put together a retreat."

Donnaly Crull - Skillstruck
Head of Customer Success

They saved us “2 week’s full time effort: researching venues, contacting venues, arranging details, and securing availability.”

Nicolas Kim - Sans Serif
Project Director

Frequently asked questions

What is a corporate retreat?

A corporate retreat can serve as a way for remote companies to come together in person and for regular companies to take a break from the office and spend quality time together. It allows employees to bond and connect with their co-workers in different settings.

Corporate retreats enables employees to get together in a chosen location outside the office for some days to have different activities, ranging from fun activities to productive sessions.

The fun activities provide a team-bonding experience, while the productive sessions allow employers to clarify company culture, company goals/ missions, and employee roles.

Are corporate retreats still a thing?

Corporate team-building retreats are increasingly popular among forward-thinking companies, especially with the rise of remote work.

Traditionally, these retreats were exclusive to upper management, characterized by extravagant locations and lavish spending.

However, they have evolved beyond wastefulness and now serve as opportunities to unite entire staff offsite for both business and leisure. Employers organize these events to foster camaraderie, enhance morale, articulate the company's mission, and cultivate a positive company culture.

Why do companies have corporate retreats?

Companies host corporate events to facilitate team bonding, boost employee morale, and help everyone understand the company’s missions and their roles in goal achievement.

A corporate retreat is an excursion that takes the entire company out of the workplace for team bonding experiences. However, it is not merely a happy getaway for the team.

While the focus is not solely on work, corporate events typically include business-related activities such as workshops and presentations. These productive sessions provide opportunities for companies to clarify aspects like company goals and values.

How much is a company retreat?

How much you spend on your corporate retreat depends on several factors, including:

- The number of employees
- The length of the retreat (the number of days your team will spend out)
- Location
- Transportation
- The retreat venue
- Accommodation
- The planned retreat activities
- Meals

In terms of figures, the “on-site experience” (excluding transportation) typically costs $200 to $700 per person per night. European locations generally have lower costs compared to those in the US. Many European corporate retreat centers can host companies for $210 to $400 per person per night, while US centers typically range from $350 to $700.

To get how much a corporate team-building retreat will cost your company, use our Budget Estimator and receive an estimation for your next adventure.

How do I plan a corporate retreat?

Corporate retreats that bring real value to companies perfectly balance work and fun elements. Thus, a lot of thought goes into planning and executing successful corporate team-building retreats.

Some things to help you plan a successful corporate retreat are:

Define your goals. You should clearly outline what your company wants to get out of the retreat. For example, do you want to define company values? Do you want to improve communications? Do you want to celebrate achievements?

Communicate the plan and expectations. Taking people out of their comfort zones for a retreat can create anxiety. They may worry about whether they’ll be safe, whether accommodations will be conducive, etc. Clearly communicating your plan and expectations will alleviate pre-retreat anxiety and set the tone for a more enjoyable retreat.

Balance the agenda with work and play. Plan your retreat itinerary to include a fair share of work and fun activities. Too many workshops may make your retreat tiring. When a location promises so much fun, the last thing employees will want is you always ushering them to conference rooms to listen to speeches. Also, limit organized sessions, and leave plenty of time for organic team-building exercises.

How to organize a corporate retreat your team will love

To organize a corporate retreat that your team will love, consider the following:

The perfect retreat location. Never use the office or any other place your teams work. You may do a retreat venue research by asking sampling employees. However, endeavor to go for an exclusive venue with a little bit of the wow factor. Think about something on the beach, by a lake, or in the mountain…

Plan an event that caters to everyone. People in your group will have different needs. For example, while some will like physical activities, others may like more laid-back activities. To ensure your entire staff will love the retreat, plan the corporate event with inclusivity in mind so everyone’s needs are attended to.   

Work with a professional facilitator. Work with expert facilitators to lead productive workshops. Employees tend to open up to a stranger than a boss in such settings.

Build fun into the agenda. Retreats are only truly enjoyable when employees get to unwind and have fun. Fun means different things to different people, so there’s no end to activities you can include. However, favorite fun activities include guided tours, quiz games, scavenger hunts, horseback riding, etc. 

Don’t cram your agenda. Your daytime should not be packed full of organized sessions. People love time for themselves to do their own thing. So, also plan for times when people can venture off on their own. Such organic interactions facilitate bonding.

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