Women Deliver : A time sensitive retreat for an Unwavering company advocating for Girls and Women

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Explore Women Deliver's pivotal offsite retreat: a strategic, transformative event shaping the future for girls and women. A must-read insight!

Roger Pagano
Associate, Operations
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Catskills, NY
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26 peoples
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2 nights
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Women Deliver's Journey Towards Global Gender Equality

Women Deliver serves as a catalyst for both political and financial investments in the well-being of girls and women globally. By leveraging compelling evidence and bringing together a diverse array of voices, Women Deliver ignites a collective commitment to advancing gender equality. Rooted in the realm of sexual and reproductive health, the organization passionately advocates for the rights of girls and women across all facets of their lives, recognizing and addressing the intersections of their diverse identities.

“ We know that investing in girls and women will deliver progress for all”  

Women Deliver has gone through many changes since it first began. Now with its new leadership they are working towards becoming more focused on their  areas of work and clearer messaging on what Women Deliver actually does.

Women Deliver is actively transforming into a more inclusive and globally oriented organization. Its overarching goal is  to create an environment that transcends geographical boundaries. 

This offsite was initiated by the new leadership to align with company values and new directions ahead.  A sense of unity and camaraderie has emerged, contributing to an organizational culture akin to a supportive family. 

Facing the challenge of a first offsite on a very tight timeline

When Women Deliver approached TeamOut, it was evident that they recognized the necessity for assistance in orchestrating their very first company offsite. In recognizing their lack of expertise to plan a successful retreat, particularly given the very short timeline they had  as it was already scheduled for a specific week and they had no flexibility, they turned to support from TeamOut who agreed to take on the challenge of planning the retreat in 2 weeks. 

“Since this was our first offsite retreat, we really did not know where to begin,  but we did know from a logistical standpoint it was going to be difficult to coordinate”

In the past, their retreats had been held exclusively in New York where their office is, with virtual  participation for those outside the city or the U.S. However, these retreats  were not particularly effective in reaching conclusive resolutions.  Recognizing these limitations, they decided to organize their first offsite retreat, emphasizing the importance of bringing the entire team together in  person. 

Efficient Logistics, Enhanced Focus: TeamOut Empowers Teams to Dive Deep into Retreat Content

TeamOut recognized the imperative of swift and efficient venue selection just outside of New York City. Their goal was to identify a location that offered proximity to the city yet provided a distinctly different ambiance, ensuring a refreshing retreat experience. TeamOut then found the perfect location: Glen Falls House. 

With TeamOut coordinating all the logistics, the teams were able to focus  more on the content of the retreat”

Thanks to TeamOut’s help, this offsite at Glen Falls House allowed them to engage in candid and challenging conversations  that would have not been possible to conduct virtually. Additionally, the in-person setting facilitated social interactions, crucial for team building,  especially among those who had never met face-to-face or had not seen  each other in years. This shift aimed to enhance the effectiveness of their retreats and strengthen the bonds within their team. 

Roger Pagano, Operations Associate at Women Deliver, wanted this offsite to be as easy as possible for everyone so that they could enjoy some time together and prepare for the next year to come as a team. 

 In the end, TeamOut helped Women Deliver save at least 45 hours of planning, from collecting quotes to coordinating transportation, meetings, restaurants and onsite meals. 

“ If I had to guess, I would say probably about a weeks’ worth, if not more, of  contacting/ coordinating with vendors/venues to make arrangements. ”

Roger affirms that TeamOut's engagement before and during the event alleviated the challenges associated with retreat planning, instilling a sense of reassurance throughout the entire experience. Their Retreat Planner from TeamOut not only mitigated pressure but also brought forth fresh ideas and perspectives, enriching the overall retreat experience.

“The involvement of TeamOut significantly alleviated the pressure on the  planning team. TeamOut made the process efficient and streamlined. Having this support not only took the pressure off our team but also infused  the planning efforts with diverse perspectives and insights. Having a  dedicated point of contact for any last-minute requests or unforeseen  issues proved invaluable. This added layer of support provided a sense of  reassurance”

Urban Escape: A Nature-Centric Offsite Just Beyond the City Limits

Women Deliver sought TeamOut's assistance in locating a venue near New York yet distinctly removed from the city's hustle, craving a natural setting that offered a refreshing escape. The objective was to immerse themselves in an environment that fostered a sense of tranquility, providing a much-needed break from the urban landscape. The venue that corresponded to all the requirements was found in Glen Falls House. Glen Falls House is a timeless Catskills hotel that has been revitalized for the modern traveler. The hotel blends quirky design and classic charm, celebrating a storied past while welcoming a new generation. 

A brief overview of their agenda centered on work

Women Deliver's agenda centered primarily on highly efficient yet relaxing work sessions aimed at discussing the company's roadmap for the upcoming two years. The focus was on creating a conducive and stress-free environment that facilitated productive discussions about the organization's future.

Revitalizing Experience: A Boost of Energy and Enthusiasm through Face-to-Face Connections

Pre- and post-retreat, the team observed that there was an increase in energy and excitement about work and the future ahead of them. 

“Since the retreat  allowed us to narrow down our focus areas it has made our work planning for 2024-25 much more efficient
“ TeamOut was a great Partner! Despite the constraints of a tight turnaround  time, their successfully identified a great location for us. Their  responsiveness to our requests was consistently, which demonstrates a  high level of commitment and adaptability. Remarkably, they not only met  but exceeded expectations by accomplishing all of this within an exceptionally tight timeframe. What set TeamOut apart was not only their  efficiency but also the delightful experience of working with their entire  team. Their positive demeanor made the collaboration a pleasure.  Throughout the process, their professionalism and amiable approach added  an extra layer of satisfaction, working with them was not only productive but  also enjoyable.”

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Noémie Cavaillé
published on
February 9, 2024

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