Dynatron Software: an auto software company taking on a a journey in the Birthplace of Jazz

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Dynatron Software Retreat, the tech leader for auto repair shops, took a recent trip to New Orleans. Explore their journey as they embark on a strategic retreat along the vibrant rhythms of the birthplace of Jazz. 

Dynatron Software
SVP of Client Success
Destination :
New Orleans, USA
Headcount :
150 peoples
Duration :
3 nights
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Dynatron Software: The Tech Edge for Leading Auto Repairs

Dynatron is a tech company that specializes in helping auto repair shops. They use advanced technologies and expert coaching to increase profit for their clients. Top shops in their country use them to stay ahead of the market. Their vision and excellence have been recognized for the past 24 years and they now have grown to a company of 250 people.

“We identify the things that need to be done to be successful and we strive to accomplish these without fail.” 

Like many tech companies, Dynatron places employees' happiness at the core of its operations. James Grogan, Senior Vice President of Dynatron, orchestrated this offsite aiming to foster meaningful connections, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange among its employees. The primary objective was to encourage interaction, reflection on past achievements, and forward-thinking discussions to chart the future trajectory of the company.

Welcoming help and collaboration for a first offsite

James seeked TeamOut’s help because he knew right away that he would need help preparing for their inaugural offsite. The goal of this offsite was for the team to reflect on their success with clients and also outline the focus and challenges for the new year. Without help from his team and lacking experience in event planning, James quickly realized he did not have the time and resources to achieve the event he envisioned. He recognized the need to seek assistance for planning a successful event. Embracing collaboration and delegation allowed him to ensure the summit exceeded expectations and made a lasting impact on his team.

“I think it was really about knowing my strengths and also understanding the time it would take to really make this summit special”

As a fully remote team, Dynatron values bringing its teams together in person at least once a year, far beyond mere celebration. This summit serves as a pivotal moment to collectively reflect on achievements, align the vision for the upcoming year, and identify areas for growth. This annual gathering fosters camaraderie and ultimately strengthens the team's cohesion and resilience in the face of new challenges.

“We do this to not only celebrate our wins but to also outline the new year's focus and areas we will need to stretch in.”

Leveraging TeamOut for Streamlined Communication and Task Management

Having someone dedicated to managing all the intricate details and handling communication proved to be an invaluable asset for James. It relieved the burden of juggling multiple responsibilities and allowed him to focus more effectively on his core tasks. 

“Having someone handle the details and all the communication was the biggest help for me”

James sought someone to oversee every aspect of the retreat and aid in decision-making, entrusting the expertise of TeamOut, which ultimately saved him significant time and energy.

 In the end, TeamOut helped Dynatron Software save at least 30 hours of planning, from collecting quotes to coordinating transportation, meetings, restaurant, onsite meals and dealing with last minute changes. 

“ TeamOut helped me save ALOT!! of time. I would say that the time saved failed in comparison to the time I would have spent stressing over every little detail if done myself.”

Once the initial decisions about the venue and dining options were made, the process became remarkably smooth and stress-free. This streamlined approach not only alleviated his usual anxieties but also allowed him to focus more on the substance of the summit rather than getting bogged down in logistical details.

“I am a pretty high strung guy in general so the fact that I only needed 2 confirmations before the summit started is saying a whole lot.” 

Embracing the Spirit of New Orleans: A Vibrant Retreat Destination

James deliberately selected New Orleans as the destination for the retreat due to its dynamic atmosphere and rich cultural history. He wanted to explore the city's energy to infuse the retreat with a sense of inspiration and creativity. Initially, Dynatron Software considered another venue for the event, but a last-minute change prompted them to explore alternatives, leading them to the Ace New Orleans. This iconic hotel institution proved to be an ideal fit for the retreat, offering an ambiance and amenities perfectly suited to Dynatron's objectives.

A brief overview of their agenda 

Dynatron's agenda centered primarily on highly efficient work sessions. The focus was on creating a conducive and stress-free environment that facilitated productive discussions about the organization's future.

The Result

This year marked the team's best experience yet, showcasing a stark contrast from the previous year, thanks to thorough organization and effective coordination of every detail. The alignment of tasks and objectives ensured a smooth and rewarding journey for all involved.

James found TeamOut to be easy to use and insightful in its approach.

“Never heard a NO... always heard SURE or LETS LOOK.  Could not say enough about the support and professionalism. I would refer them to anyone.”

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February 28, 2024

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