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Companies once built culture within office walls; today, they forge stronger connections through corporate retreats.
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TeamOut was born during COVID, a time when millions of remote workers were stuck at home and when work culture became the loneliest experience it has ever been.

About TeamOut

TeamOut's mission from the start has been to simplify team gatherings. Despite technology's promise to bring us closer, we've never felt more apart, especially in the workplace. Meeting with colleagues we work with every day has become increasingly challenging. Humans, being inherently social, crave face-to-face interaction to truly bond and connect.

We are the loneliest generation and remote work isn't helping.

Our goal is to eliminate the hurdles to team meet-ups. By offering optimized travel routes to welcoming locations conducive to genuine connections, all at fair prices and with seamless logistics.

This is where our motto comes from: "Corporate Retreats Made Simple."

Our founder's story

Vincent and Thomas met in college 15 years ago and used to be professional kayakers and skiers.

They traveled around the world for competitions and training, making strong friendships along the way. These experiences helped them survive in some of the toughest natural conditions.

Later, they moved to San Francisco and started their own company, TeamOut—the corporate retreat platform—during the COVID-19 pandemic. They wanted to bring people together by offering meaningful experiences, believing that facing challenges together can create stronger connections.

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