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Dive into this new case study from one of our favorite recurring partner, Akoya. Understand how Akoya planned this fantastic event in Fort Lauderdale from the idea phase all the way down to the event.

Alaina Posluszny
Executive Assistant
Destination :
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Headcount :
170 peoples
Duration :
3 nights
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“Akoya transforms the way people share their data by making it more secure, private, reliable, and transparent.”

Akoya eliminates the risks associated with screen scraping and gives people a safe, secure, and transparent way to provide access to their financial data.

This dynamic and expanding company has at heart to regularly arrange company retreats as a gesture of gratitude toward its dedicated employees. These retreats not only serve as a token of appreciation for their hard work but also provide a valuable opportunity for team members to come together and have fun!

“Akoya encourages cross-departmental collaboration, with open door policies and an overall fun environment, despite much of the organization working remotely.”

Navigating the Sunshine State: Seeking Guidance from Expert for a Seamless Company Retreat from Massachusetts to Florida.

As a largely remote team, their biannual gatherings hold a particular significance to Akoya. They believe that it fosters connection and provides opportunities for shared enjoyment. These moments allow them to stay connected and reinforce their bonds. As those retreats really serve as bridging the physical distance and enhancing the overall team experience, Alaina did not hesitate in seeking the Help of TeamOut as soon as she knew that she wanted to do her next offsite in Florida, a central meeting point for employees. .

“Since many of us work remotely, getting together twice a year is very important for us, to stay in touch and be able to have some fun.”

TeamOut as a retreat Coordinator

Alaina from Akoya has a full-time job and so many responsibilities every day that she was overwhelmed by the idea of planning this company retreat alone. She decided to reach out to TeamOut for help as she wanted to make sure to create a memorable experience for her team. TeamOut helped Akoya do two things:

1/ Identify a venue in Florida

2/ Plan the full event thanks to TeamOut’s platform and a dedicated retreat planner

“Having someone as the connection between me and the vendors we used, especially the landing page that we all had access to, and to make sure everyone was in step with what was going on, really was a game changer for me.”

Alaina wanted her company retreat to be a great experience for everyone. She was therefore able to rely on her Retreat Planner from TeamOut to help her organize fun activities, like the awesome scavenger hunt they did around their venue. Her Retreat Planner diligently managed all logistics, ensuring each attendee had a seamless experience with airport shuttles arranged for both arrival and departure.

In the end, TeamOut helped Akoya save at least 40 hours of planning, from collecting quotes to coordinating vendors and making sure that everything ran smoothly during the event.

“In the beginning, the initial sourcing of the location was a big help. I didn’t have to spend hours reaching out to different locations and waiting to hear back.”

Akoya attests that TeamOut's meticulous management of crucial details eradicated any potential stress throughout the planning process.

“It definitely helped to free up my plate so that I could focus on the executives that I support every day.”

Choosing the radiant Florida sun and outdoor activities at the tranquil Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort for a truly rejuvenating retreat.

Akoya chose Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa for their corporate retreat because the resort seamlessly blends business and leisure in a picturesque setting. With

state-of-the-art meeting facilities, stunning oceanfront views, and a range of wonderful amenities, it provides an ideal environment for productive work sessions and relaxing downtime.

The strategic location, coupled with the resort's commitment to creating a seamless and enjoyable experience, makes it a top choice for those seeking a perfect balance between professional engagements and leisure during their corporate retreat.

The itinerary

The retreat included business-centric sessions but mainly focused on having fun for the group all together. This included a big scavenger hunt in the city one afternoon and a movie project workshop with a ceremony awards in the evening.

The goal was to provide a relaxing and re-energizing experience for all the attendees. This is a short summary of the retreat's schedule of events.

Revitalizing Experience: A Boost of Energy and Enthusiasm through Face-to-Face Connections

Pre- and post-retreat, the team observed that there was an increase in energy and excitement.

“I could tell that everyone came back to their respective jobs a bit more energized and excited since they were able to see people face to face.”

The overall impression of working with TeamOut is a “seamless” experience that allows everyone to enjoy even more their company retreat and eliminate the stress related to its planning and logistics.

“The whole experience was amazing. I really cannot say anything more than THANK YOU! Your team and everyone made me look like a superhero.
“I very much enjoyed working with everyone from TeamOut. My colleagues complimented on how smoothly everything went and that’s a testament to how seamless everything worked in the background.”
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February 28, 2024

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