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Corporate Wellness Retreat: How to Invest in Your Employees Productivity

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What are Corporate Wellness Retreats?

Corporate Wellness Retreats are getaways that focus solely on rest and relaxation, promoting the health and wellbeing of each team member. The high-pressure world of corporate jobs can be overwhelming at times. 

But the concept extends beyond that: It's not just about solo relaxation. You'll also get to bond with your coworkers in a whole new way. Team-building takes on a whole new meaning when you're learning how to live your best, healthiest life together.

Corporate wellness retreats aim to offer a break from the daily grind and break away from monotony in the office environment. Generally speaking, in traditional corporate retreats the focus is on the group and its unity. With corporate wellness retreats you are focusing on the individual’s relaxation needs and at the same time working towards team cohesion.

Educating employees on health and wellness topics is crucial and these retreats are perfect for that. Furthermore, it’s important to point out that healthier teams will be more efficient, focused, and ambitious. 

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Retreats

Corporate wellness retreats are like turbo boosts for your team's health and happiness. Let's break it down:

  1. Improve Health and Wellbeing: With a multitude of mindfulness sessions, workshops, and activities, it’s impossible to leave a Wellness Retreat as the same version of yourself: from yoga sessions to stretch your muscles, fresh farm-to-table meals to nurture your body, and facial treatments or Thai massages to end the day, a well-planned Mindfulness Retreat will provide your crew a real break from the office hassle and work routine. Plus, you can also learn stress-busting tricks, meditation techniques, or participate in guided nature walks that will definitely make a difference in your mental health.
  2. Supercharge Your Brain: Wellness retreats go way beyond meditation and yoga. Sparking creativity through painting, music, ceramic lessons, hands-on cooking sessions, therapeutic drumming, photography strolls, and creative writing workshops will contribute to an improved mood, memory, attention, awareness, thought, and language. Exercising your brain is also a way to create new, healthier habits that you’ll implement in your daily life.
  3. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Get ready to bond with your workmates like never before. Team challenges, trust exercises, and workshops on communication will turn your squad into a powerhouse of collaboration. Whether we’re talking about nature walks, mindful listening, forest bathing, or movement sessions, we’re sure your team will come out stronger and more united!
  4. Goodbye, Burnout: Say hello to lower turnover rates and fewer sick days. A Wellness Retreat will teach you all about breathing methods, using guided imagery, and other practices to relax the mind and body and help reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout. Furthermore, mindfulness meditation has been shown to significantly reduce burnout, stress, and anxiety. It is also a fantastic way to boost energy and reduce anxious and worrying thoughts.
  5. Cultivating a Positive Work Culture: Hosting wellness retreats shows the organization’s commitment to its staff's well-being. It’s not only good for your team, but it also promotes a positive work culture that ultimately attracts top talents, customers, and partners alike.

So, don't just talk the talk—walk the wellness walk and watch your team thrive!

TeamOut’s Selection of the Top 3 Corporate Wellness Retreat Locations

Picking the ultimate spot for your wellness retreat makes all the difference in the overall experience! Check out these three awesome destinations that'll supercharge your team's wellbeing.

1. Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa: A Wellness Experience in the Sonoran Desert

Welcome to Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa, a wellness retreat located in the Sonoran Desert, overlooking Santa Catalina Mountains. Choose from villas, suites, and guest rooms, equipped with Himalayan singing bowls, meditation pillows, and cell-phone “sleeping bags”—a gentle reminder that the world can wait.

Miraval Arizona features fresh ingredients and dining options that reflect mindfulness values. Indulge in delicious dishes at Cactus Flower Restaurant, hit Coyote Moon Bar for team drinks, or savor snacks at Oasis poolside café.

Wellness retreats are ideal for groups of up to 80 guests. Your team’s wellness journey is guided by specialists, like Frequency & Vibration Specialist Richard Noel, and Sleep & Dream Specialist Leah Bolen.

Choose from multiple mindfulness activities — floating meditation, aerial yoga, and the Labyrinth Journey meditation challenge. Hike up Mount Lemmon, try therapeutic drumming, or bond with horses at Purple Sage Ranch. Indulge in Spa treatments featuring desert botanicals like prickly pear, Arizona clay, and purple sage.

With diverse meeting spaces, including Kiva, a panoramic arena that hosts spiritual ceremonies, or the charming Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen, your team is settled!

FYI, Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa is known for being Oprah Winfrey’s favorite spa! 

Looking for a wellness retreat in the desert’s tranquil setting? Then Miraval Arizona should be your top choice! Indulge in daily mindfulness sessions and activities with your team!

📍 Location:

  • Tucson, Arizona

🛫 Logistics: 

  • 32 miles from Tucson International Airport

🏠 Property feature: 

  • Quiet room
  • Sauna
  • Serenity Pool
  • Steam room & hot tubs
  • FloWater hydration station

🔎 What to explore:

  • Acupuncture, reiki and Craniosacral sessions
  • Sonoran Monsoon, a full-body detoxifying mud mask 
  • Aerial yoga and outdoor floating meditation sessions
  • Labyrinth Journey meditation challenge 
  • Therapeutic drumming
  • Hiking up Mount Lemmon
  • Creative photography stroll in the Sonoran Desert
  • Sky Island Traverse Challenge Course
  • Bond with horses at Purple Sage Ranch

Canyon Ranch Lenox: The Ultimate Wellness Retreat in the Heart of Lenox, Massachusetts

Get your team together for a wellness, adventure, and luxury experience at Canyon Ranch Lenox, a resort and spa in Western Massachusetts. Featuring 100,000 square feet dedicated to your wellbeing, choose from spa treatments, fitness classes, nutrition sessions, and workshops tailored to your needs. With 89 spa services and three indoor pools at the 12,000-square-foot Aquatic Center, this is definitely a prime wellness destination!

Discover 50 guided treks, from the Appalachian to Mount Greylock, visit Lenox town or stop by landmarks like the Normal Rockwell Museum. Engage in team-building with outdoor sports like hiking, biking, and kayaking, or tackle the High Ropes Challenge Course. 

Fuel up at Canyon Ranch Grill for regional dishes or Culinary Rebel for snacks. Experience a combination of nature and luxury in a retreat that fosters teamwork in a relaxing atmosphere.

With over 100,000 sq ft dedicated to your team’s wellbeing, this is the ideal haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

📍 Location:

  • Lenox, Massachusetts

🛫 Logistics: 

  • 52 miles from Albany International Airport
  • 67 miles from Bradley International Airport

🏠 Property feature: 

  • On-site spa
  • On-site fitness center
  • Tennis courts
  • 3 outdoor pools
  • 100,000 sq ft of wellbeing space

🔎 What to explore:

  • Eastern Therapies like the Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and the Thai Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  •  +35 daily classes, lectures, demos, and activities focused on wellness
  • Guided treks - Appalachian trail and Mount Greylock
  • Hands-On Wellness Cooking Workshop
  • High Ropes Challenge Course 

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort: Florida’s Top Spa in an Oceanfront Miami Beach Resort

For an invigorating retreat with your crew, check out Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, featuring the only Florida Spa ranked in the Top 20 Destination Spa Resorts in the U.S. by Conde Nast Traveler.

Choose from one-bedroom or two-bedroom luxury apartments, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or the Miami skyline.

When it comes to dining, local ingredients take center stage for healthy meals. Stop by Tambourine Room, by Chef Tristan Brandt, offering French cuisine with Asian influences. Head to The Strand for a Mediterranean dining experience.

From cupping to cryotherapy, and infrared saunas, this resort brings a mixture of Western, Eastern, and Alternative medicine for custom treatment plans. At the Spa, try massage therapies featuring aromatherapy and warm crystal quartz, or opt for facials that combat pollution and stress. Indulge in the Thermal Experience, an expansive hydrotherapy circuit, using properties of water to promote well-being. Hit the Fitness Center and experience cutting-edge Technogym training equipment overlooking the ocean. Sounds amazing, right?

Indulge in non-traditional spa experiences including Cryotherapy and Salt Float Gravity Therapy, try the Ginger Coconut Argan body treatment, or head to Oleta River State Park for some good times in the great outdoors!

Featuring a state-of-the-art fitness center, steam room, Finnish spa, and igloo, your team has all the amenities they need for a successful wellness retreat!

📍 Location:

  • Miami Beach, Florida

🛫 Logistics: 

  • 13 miles from Miami International Airport
  • 18 miles from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

🏠 Property feature: 

  • Swimming pool
  • Foot spa
  • Steam Room
  • Finnish spa
  • Igloo
  • On-site fitness center

🔎 What to explore:

  • Thermal therapy and European-inspired Hydrotherapy Circuit
  • Non-traditional spa experiences including Cryotherapy and Salt Float Gravity Therapy
  • Ginger Coconut Argan body treatment
  • 75+ fitness classes per week, suited for all ages and abilities
  • Innovative Touchless Wellness Circuits and Wellsystem Wave Massage
  • Canoeing on North Biscayne Bay 
  • Oleta River State Park for walks, hikes, and water sports

Want to Plan Your Next Wellness Offsite? Ask our Experts!

Elevate your corporate retreat experience with TeamOut’s curated selection of Corporate Wellness Retreats worldwide!

We've scoured the US to bring you destinations that offer a combination of relaxation, rejuvenation, and team bonding activities with Wellness and Mindfulness as a prime focus.

From engaging in Salt Float Gravity therapy at Florida's top spa overlooking the ocean, to participating in a Hands-On Wellness cooking workshop during your stay in a Wellness Retreat in Lenox, Massachusetts, we’ve got your back.

Seeking adventure in the great outdoors? Hike up Mount Lemmon after an exhilarating Aerial Yoga session in the Sonoran Desert. Our TeamOut Wellness Retreats bring you closer to your inner self, your teammates, and nature itself.

With us, the possibilities are endless! With TeamOut’s expertise in handling logistics, your retreat will be customized to your team’s preferences, needs, and budget.

Ready to start planning? Use our Free Budget Simulator to create a personalized budget plan in seconds! Simply type your desired destination, retreat purpose, and venue rating to discover the perfect fit for your team. Add details like the number of nights, headcount, and flights, and voilà! Access our simulations and scenarios instantly to visualize the most suitable corporate retreat locations.

Schedule a free call with TeamOut today and embark on a stand-out wellness journey!

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