The Advancement of Atom Finance: a Fully-remote Company Creating Innovative Investment Platforms

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February 1, 2023
Assia Dalla Vedova
The Advancement of Atom Finance: a Fully-remote Company Creating Innovative Investment Platforms

Atom finance is a Series B company with 54 employees headquartered in New York. The company, currently in its growth stage, is building a cutting-edge embeddable investment intelligence platform. 

While Atom is a remote first company, many team members love working together and giving each other a new challenge to solve. 

Each year, to celebrate their achievement and meet each other in person, they host a company wide event in a different location. 

Navigating Rapid Growth: The Challenge of Planning a Successful Retreat for a Busy and Expanding team

"Uniting Through Success: The Importance of Retreats for Rapidly Expanding Remote-Based Companies like Atom

As the company is going through a rapid expansion, the team members have started to wear many hats and they soon realized the importance of organizing a retreat to acknowledge their successes and strengthen their relationship with one another. A retreat represented the best way to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. In fact, as a remote-based company, the retreat serves as a valuable opportunity for Atom team members to come together in person, foster camaraderie and deepen their personal connections. 

Also, being that everyone is extremely busy, covering multiple roles, and with limited time before the desired retreat dates, the team sought assistance with the planning process. TeamOut has helped them to efficiently plan and execute a successful retreat in a short period of time

Streamlining the Process and Saving Tens of Hours

Given the time constraints, Taylor Stovall in charge of planning the retreat decided to use TeamOut. She says that from the very first meeting, a “huge weight was lifted”, when she was introduced to the TeamOut process. 

“TeamOut was able to provide a streamlined process that allowed us to have a successful retreat in a short amount of time." - Taylor Stovall

Commenting on why she choose TeamOut specifically she added: 

“TeamOut has thought of all parts of the retreat planning process.  There is an assortment of curated resorts and activities to choose from.  TeamOut will contact these venues and coordinate everything for you. 
"The whole process has been streamlined and they saved us tens of hours.”

Escape to Crystal Springs: A Popular Destination for New-York based Teams to Relax and Recharge

The first step of the planning process involves selecting an appropriate venue. Considering their strong New York presence, the Atom team opted for a venue not far from the city from a curated list of options that was shortlisted by their trip designer. 

Ultimately, they settled on Crystal Spring Resort, which is one of our most popular destinations in the vicinity of New York. 

Crystal Spring, located along the picturesque Appalachian Mountain Range in New Jersey, offers a serene escape just 76 minutes from the bustling city of New York. This majestic lodge presents the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and upscale dining for those seeking a rejuvenating retreat.

What sets Crystal Spring apart from other nearby resorts is the exceptional quality and variety of dining options available, including highly-acclaimed restaurants like Restaurant Latour. Guests can indulge in tours of the Wine Cellar, savor meals in the Chef's Garden, and unwind in the tropical Biosphere Pool Complex.

The resort also boasts several meeting rooms and can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 200 people.

The Itinerary

The purpose of the retreat was multifaceted - it aimed to be both inspiring and enjoyable for the team. The objective was for the team members to take a step back and reflect on their achievements and experiences from the past years, and use this opportunity to set new, ambitious goals for the future. Additionally, the retreat was seen as a valuable opportunity for the team to bond and create a strong sense of camaraderie.

The following is a brief overview of the retreat's event program:

Bringing The Team Together: The Successful Retreat Experience of Atom's Remote-based Team with the Help of TeamOut

Everyone at Atom’s was excited for the upcoming company retreat, as those get-togethers provide a rare opportunity for the team to meet in person and connect with the remote colleagues.
The retreat enabled the co-workers to establish strong relationships and foster a more productive collaboration with the remote team members.

"I would work with TeamOut again and recommend the company to those who need help planning their retreat!”

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