5 tips for successful business-team retreats

May 28, 2021
Vincent Albouy
5 tips for successful business-team retreats

A lot of remote companies are organizing team retreats, now that we are finally able to meet again. I have organized 10 team retreats in the last couple of months. Here are my tips to help you reach your goals:

WiFi remains the number one issue.

You would be surprised to see how many Airbnbs and hotels in the US still only have average WiFi. Make sure to have someone run a WiFi test before you show up. 100 mbps is the bare minimum for 10 people. If you travel abroad, keep this in mind: 100% of the retreats we did in Costa Rica and Mexico had WiFi issues. Most of the tourist accommodations are not ready to host companies yet. This is just a fact. So make WiFi your #1 priority when searching for a venue.

One bedroom per person

You may like your colleagues, but you probably don’t want to share a bedroom or maybe even a bed with them. This is not a friends' gathering. Everybody has different levels of expected privacy. You need to meet everybody’s requirements for privacy if you want people to come to your retreats again.

Don’t book something isolated.

You want to be close to cities. People need to be able to buy necessities and have access to basic services if they need them. We all have different habits. Things need to be easy. Avoid the Patagonia trek.

High level of services onsite

A retreat is for working and team bonding. You don’t want to spend hours at the grocery store or preparing meals. Prioritize quality time with your colleagues and delegate tasks to local actors onsite.

Activities are where the magic happens.

Employee bonding happens during activities. This is the part they will remember and tell stories about. Make sure to choose activities that please everyone. You can even have them vote on activities ahead of time. Prioritize social-group activities, where people will have the most fun. If you choose something intense, such as an extreme sport, make sure to have an easier Plan B option as well.

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