Free Ebook: Guide to Designing a Successful Retreat

This Ebook dives into our expert tips on how to organize a successful off-site, without breaking the bank or spending too much time and resources.

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What You'll Find in this Guide

You'll discover the 6 steps to folllow in order to organize a successful off-site.

Gathering Information

11 questions to ask yourself before planning a retreat.


What to take into account & our Budget Estimator.

Selecting a Venue

Checklist of things to look for.

Simplify Booking Flights

Estimating costs & booking flights for distributed teams.

Determining Activities

Recommendations for team activities that everyone will enjoy.

Event Planning

Event planning tips and resources we use.

Save weeks vetting vendors and 30% in venue costs

This Ebook will explore how a Venue Sourcing Platform streamlines finding ideal locations with improved terms and quicker response time. Additionally, we'll discuss why retreat planners are ideal for stress-free off-site organization.

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