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Welcome to the Venue Manager FAQ Page! Our team is here to provide advice to get your property up and running to help get your first team retreat booking!

Is TeamOut, IATA certified?

TeamOut is an IATA-recognized Meeting planner. Please ask your representative for our IATA number.

How to list your venue on the teamout.com platform?
How to add one of your colleagues as a venue manager
How do I set up my user profile and change your login password?
How do I reset your password if you forgot your login details?
How do I manage my booking requests, send quotes, confirm reservation on the my venue dashboard?
How do I edit my listing or pause my venue?
What will happen after I sign up?

Here's how it works:

  • You list your venue on teamout.com by clicking on “start listing”
  • You can update your venue profile, prices, and confirm that your listing is accurate at anytime after you submit your listing.
  • Once your listing is approved by our team it will automatically go live on the teamout.com platform for hundreds of teams to book. In some cases we’ll need to verify your location before you can start accepting guests. You will receive an email confirmation as well notifying you that your listing is now active.
What kind of photos should I upload?

When you list your property, we ask you to upload photos of your space. This is because we know our clients love browsing through photos when looking for a place to book their next team retreat. We recommend that you upload high resolution photos that showcase both the inside and the outside of your property. Tell a story of what it is like for our clients to stay at your property: eye catching overview photo of property, entrance, lobby, pool, amenities, restaurants, activities, rooms, bathrooms, etc.

When will my property go live on the platform?

Once you finish creating your listing our team will review it to ensure it meets the criteria and everything looks good. Once your venue is approved by our team you will received a confirmation email. When you login you will see your venue is now active. We may ask you to verify your property before you can start accepting bookings, but you can use this time to get familiar with the “My Venue” portal and prepare for your first team retreat booking.

What do I get for the commission I pay?

A Powerful Online Presence

At TeamOut we actively market your property page on our platform through marketing and SEO we provide to our venue partners to make sure that it's visible to a wide audience of clients booking their team retreats. This helps expose your property to the highest possible number of potential teams looking to book their team retreat.

Innovative Tools and Features

Highly skilled experts are constantly working on the website and platform to keep up with the latest developments in the online world, ensuring that your page is optimized to encourage bookings. Our goal is to help you stay ahead of all the latest travel trends and future-proof your property.

Dedicated Sales Team

We have a dedicated sales team to help promote and sell your venue to our clients. They will help to ensure we collect all the info you need to provide our clients with the best quotes possible and to ensure a successful retreat at your property.

24/7 Support
Our round-the-clock support team is here for you to ensure you are utilizing teamout.com the best way possible.

How do I find out how much commission I'll pay for bookings?

When you add your property to teamout.com, you pay commission for each booking. The commission percentage will be shown at the "Payment & Agreement" step of the registration process. Depending on which option you choose there, we’ll send you an invoice with the amount of commission owed.

How do I confirm a booking request?

You will receive a booking request email and notification in your venue portal. If the dates work and you are able to accommodate the booking request you can send a quote directly to the client on our quote builder section on your portal.

What happens if a group cancels?

In the unlikely event a group cancels their team retreat; two things may happen. If a guest cancels and your property has a free cancellation policy, the guest pays nothing and you don’t pay commission. If a guest cancels and your property doesn’t have a free cancellation policy, the guest pays a fee, and you pay commission on the amount that the guest pays you.

What is the Masterclass section on my venue manager dashboard?

The Masterclass section is your chance to teach our sales team the key selling points of your venue so they can be more effective at selling your property to our clients. Teach us about the ins and outs of your property, why is it so great for a team retreat? This section is only visible to our team and is not visible to clients on the platform.

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