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Corporate Retreats' Cost Savings

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At TeamOut, we understand that cost savings are crucial for our clients. We focus on providing them with the most impactful strategies to achieve this goal. Firstly, we offer a vast selection of curated retreat properties, totaling over 2500 options both in the US and abroad. By presenting a wide range of venues, we enable our clients to choose the most suitable and cost-effective option for their offsite needs. This extensive selection ensures that they can find a venue that fits their budget without compromising on quality.

Additionally, we go above and beyond by offering a comprehensive service throughout the entire process. From venue selection to planning and structuring the agenda, we guide our clients every step of the way. Our dedicated team is also available to assist in booking activities and transportation, relieving the burden of logistics and allowing our clients to focus on enjoying the experience. By providing such personalized support and expertise, we help our clients make informed decisions and optimize their resources, ultimately leading to significant cost savings and successful corporate retreats.

Team Lunch Outdoors

Venue Sourcing

Negotiation Power: 

At TeamOut, as a third-party, we utilize our leverage and expertise to secure cost savings for our clients. With our established relationships and industry experience, we can negotiate reduced cancellation fees, favorable payment schedules, and better rates. Trust and long-lasting professional connections with venues allow us to obtain reduced rates and build upon existing partnerships. Additionally, our track record of successful retreats enables us to ask for lower rates based on our reputation and proven results. By combining these strategies, we consistently strive to provide our clients with the most cost-effective options without compromising on the quality of their offsite experience. Our focus is on maximizing cost savings while ensuring an unforgettable retreat

Exclusive Deals: 

With our established relationships with venues, we are able to offer exclusive discounts during specific times of the year and preferred rates for our clients. These deals are a result of the trust and long-lasting partnerships we have cultivated. By leveraging our connections and industry expertise, we ensure that our clients can take advantage of special pricing opportunities, maximizing their cost savings while still enjoying a high-quality retreat experience.

Special Concessions

When booking through TeamOut, you can enjoy a range of cost-saving benefits. We aim to provide various benefits as part of our offerings, which may encompass waived resort fees, complimentary breakfast, potential discounts on F&B and AV services, free upgrades, and the possibility of reduced or waived meeting room rentals, when possible. These elements can often come with high rates that push the overall cost beyond budget expectations. Additionally, these extra fees may not be clearly presented upfront, leading to unexpected charges on the final bill. However, thanks to our strengthened relationships with venues, we have the ability to negotiate and bring down these costs, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible value for their offsite experience.

Cost-Saving Recommendations

At TeamOut, we provide valuable suggestions to help our clients save on costs. We recommend considering low-season venues, as they often offer more favorable rates. By analyzing trends and events in different locations, we can identify optimal times for discounts and advise our clients accordingly. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of booking in advance to secure better deals and maintain control over pricing. Our experience and insights allow us to guide our clients through the venue selection process, ensuring they make informed decisions that align with their budgetary requirements. By leveraging our expertise, we help our clients maximize their cost savings while still enjoying a remarkable offsite experience.

Budget Management

At TeamOut, we prioritize keeping your event within budget by proactively considering factors such as taxes, extra costs, and flight expenses. Our flight estimator tool streamlines the process of planning and booking flights for groups, relieving you of logistical headaches. This tool is designed to assist travel professionals and efficiently estimate the flight costs, ensuring smooth and hassle-free travel arrangements for your event. By taking these measures, we enable our clients to focus on the overall experience while we handle the details, resulting in a cost-effective and seamless event planning process.

Flight Estimator

Retreat Planning

When talking about Retreat planning, we intend everything that involves the overall organization and coordination of a retreat, encompassing various aspects such as setting objectives, defining the agenda, arranging accommodations, scheduling activities, and managing logistics. Venue sourcing, on the other hand, specifically refers to the process of finding and selecting a suitable location or venue for the retreat. This includes researching potential venues, evaluating their amenities and suitability for the desired activities, negotiating contracts, and securing the booking.

 At TeamOut, we prioritize cost savings by leveraging our industry knowledge to plan your event and secure discounted rates. This not only helps you save money but also saves you time, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience without worrying about the financial aspect. We aim to provide value by combining cost savings with a seamless and enjoyable event planning process.

Time Savings

We save you 80h on average for the retreat planning, this is time your employees can spend on their core duty and this is a hidden cost that you may not be able to afford especially if some of your team members planning the event are managers or above

Avoid Costly Mistakes 

We help you steer clear of expensive errors, such as choosing a bad vendor or facing cancellations. This could be costly in terms of time and resources. We assist you in prioritizing the importance of three key factors. Firstly, building a narrative for the team, which involves creating a compelling story or vision that aligns with your retreat objectives. Secondly, building a template for your retreat, which entails developing a structured plan or framework that guides the overall flow and content of the event. Lastly, training the team on it ensuring that all participants understand and are equipped to effectively implement the planned activities and strategies. By focusing on these aspects, we help you optimize your retreat experience and achieve desired outcomes.

Team-Building Retreat in Nature

TeamOut prioritizes cost savings for clients through a wide selection of curated retreat properties, comprehensive services, and negotiating favorable rates. We offer exclusive deals and concessions, manage budgets proactively, and provide time-saving solutions. By avoiding costly mistakes and focusing on building a narrative for the team, we ensure a seamless event planning process.

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Thomas Mazimann, a French entrepreneur and former international kayaking athlete, transitioned from sports to tech after moving to the U.S. He co-founded TeamOut, revolutionizing team gatherings.

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