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How To Quickly Estimate Group Flight Costs: TeamOut Flight Estimator

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The Origin Story: Why This Tool Was Created and How It Can Benefit You

In today's world, many companies operate remotely or have offices located all over the globe. Corporate retreats are an essential aspect of team building and maintaining employee engagement, but booking the travel arrangements for these events has proven to be a significant pain point for many companies. The issue is that employees typically depart from various locations, making it difficult for organizations to optimize travel arrangements for everyone. The main pain point here ends up being the cost of arranging flights, which can sometimes be even higher than the cost of the retreat itself.

The flight estimator tool aims at fixing this issue, providing an efficient and simple tool to book airfare for groups. Pro tip for a successful business retreat. Companies can now easily streamline the travel process for their employees, reducing corporate retreats' costs, and ensuring that everyone arrives at their destination on time and with minimal stress.

How It Works

The Flight Estimator asks you a few simple questions such as your departure location, the top 5 locations you want to visit, the dates you’ll be traveling, if you want direct flights only, and the number of passengers. These questions are all you need to get an accurate estimate of what the cost of the trip will be, so you can budget accordingly.

Once you have entered in all the details, the Flight Estimator will search through thousands of flights to find the best deals available. It will show you a range of options so you can compare and contrast different flights and select the one that best fits your budget and travel needs. You’ll also be able to easily see which flights offer the best value for money.

Customizing the Flight Estimator Use: Different Uses for Different Occasions!

The Flight Estimator can therefore be useful if applied to the professional world, as in the case of a team retreat planning. It is aimed at travel management professionals and can be used for smaller and larger groups of employees. The benefits are both economical and psychological. Firstly, as mentioned, the Flight Estimator can really help to ensure that travel costs stay within budget. And secondly, it helps the travel coordinator to avoid complex and painful logistics. 

However, keep in mind that the Flight Estimator is a tool that can be used on multiple occasions and in different contexts, according to the type of event! Let’s take an example. You are in charge of organizing a friend’s birthday weekend in a European city, and this becomes quite a daunting task, especially because your group of friends is spread all over the continent. You probably find yourself struggling around the city choice, trying to take into consideration everyone’s departure points, time of travel and flights’ costs. In fact, with two friends in Rome, three in Madrid, two in London, one in Paris and two in Berlin, you are likely to have some difficulty figuring out where to go. This is when you will find incredibly useful the Flight Estimator tool. It will equip you with a cost effective travel option, for which you will be able to maximize the travel budget and focus on other points such as fun activities to organize with your friends and great restaurants to try out. 

Hence, as the organizer of corporate retreats, team events and social gatherings, you will want to make sure that everyone can attend and that you optimize the travel expenses. The Flight Estimator is the right tool to keep in mind as soon as you have a group of people spread out all over the world and need to choose the best travel destination and coordinate the flight logistics.

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